Everything Etsy

I just discovered Etsy (thanks to Ali Edwards again). Very cool website. You can buy homemade items or craft items. There are a couple of stores that I found to be the coolest I’ve ever seen, such as:

  1. Go Buggy, the cutest fabric foods
  2. Every Jot & Tittle for some unusual and beautiful tags. Like this one, wouldn’t it be perfect for a wedding.
  3. I love this hat from Lullaby Lamb. All of the hats are beautiful.
  4. Atleier Susan’s store, I would love for L to have this dress
  5. I really like these necklaces by Scrapopolis. You can’t beat the price either. Very cute I can’t decide which one I like the most.
  6. Very cool and funky bracelets from Twisted.
  7. I have to have this saying for my scrapbook room someday, in Hums and tiddely poms‘ store.

I could go on and on… check it out. It’s fun. The other cool thing about this site, you can search by your region or city. You can get lost for hours on this website, especially if you love to shop for handmade or just good deals. I know where I will look next Christmas.


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