I am so sick today, I feel as if my head might explode. I can barely stand to be awake and moving at this point… but I have something to say before I go to bed again. I am appalled at the people out there who are making horrible comments on my cousins blog simply for making a comment (which is her right, let us not forget) about a certain former American Idol contestant. They are attacking her and her children “are those really even your children” and her family for her simply speaking her mind. Get a life people! He’s a person in the public eye, he is used to scrutiny. Seriously let’s not attack someone because they have an opinion. Let’s not bring a person to tears with our hurtful comments without even knowing them. You attack her, you attack the rest of us.. her family and friends. Maybe they should visit Rocks in My Dryer, she recently did a podcast on etiquette and blogs with Blogging Basics 101. Maybe some people should check it out.


3 thoughts on “BLAAAHHH

  1. Picco says:

    My suggestion is if you make a comment about Clay Aiken , good or bad , disable the comments . Lol . He’s not worth the resulting garbage though . If the comments were really horrible then it was probably anti-clay fans who get off on making the clAymates look bad . Hating on Aiken and his mates makes their juices flow . Its a game that never ends .

  2. Toby's mom says:

    Sorry for all your problems. Some fans are too fanatic and overly defensive for whatever reasons. However, in all fairness, haters also get into the fray and like to make Clay’s fans look even worse then they actually are. And yes, you certainly have a right to your opinions.

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