Nothing on tonight

Since there is nothing on tonight we decided to watch Man vs. Wild. It’s official, if I am ever lost in the Everglades I will not survive, not even 1 hour, for the following reasons:

  • I do not have the courage to walk through a swamp up to my thighs in grubby, dirty water.
  • I do not have the courage to swim across water that’s infested with alligators.
  • I can only take one mosquito bite at a time, not 30 or more.
  • I definitely will not eat a cute little tree frog that I’ve just plucked out of the grass.
  • I don’t believe that I could tie my shoe strings together in order to climb a tree using just my leg strength.
  • I absolutely will not be walking through tall grass that can harbor snakes and such.
  • Eating carpenter ant larvae to survive does not sound yummy.

When we visit Florida in April we won’t be touring the Everglades just to stay on the safe side.

Now back to my TV watching… My Big Redneck Wedding is on. This show intrigues me and even though my favorite show Monk is on and it’s the season finale, I can’t help but watch this train-wreck.

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