Works for Me Wednesday – Tell Him!!!

wfmwsmall.jpgFor your anniversary and/or birthday just tell him what you want. Write it down if you don’t think he’s listening; take pictures if he still doesn’t get it. Even better, just buy it for yourself. This is what works for me! 🙂

Today is my anniversary. We’ve been married 9 years. What did I get for my anniversary & Valentine’s Day present? A much needed case for my iPod. It’s what I wanted, I was in the mall and called him, he told me to go ahead and get it, I’m happy. Plain and simple. After 9 years surprises are sometimes good but at this point not always necessary. I love him more than I did then on our wedding day. Just because he doesn’t surprise me with some extravagant gift doesn’t mean the magic is gone. It hasn’t even stalled.

Check out all the other Works for Me Wednesday tips at Don’t Try This At Home. She’s hosting it this week while Rocks in my Dryer is away.


2 thoughts on “Works for Me Wednesday – Tell Him!!!

  1. Tootie says:

    I haven’t been married long, but I’m already learning that the direct route is best for setting gift/holiday expectations! That way I don’t end up disappointed, and he doesn’t get frustrated trying to find something (that I might not even want!)

    Good tip 🙂 And, Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  2. MamaTooz says:

    I bought my own chocolates this year, since I saw the exact kind I wanted. It worked great! Good tip.

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