Us (in a nutshell)

I thought these might be fun to post. Seems like ages ago. Now we are an old married couple with two kids. Funny how time flies.

We met while working at AGE together. I was a secretary in the IT department and he was a contractor for one of my bosses we started out friends in April, started dating in 02-13-2008-11-17-57-453-2.jpgDecember (1997), engaged in July, bought a house in November (all in 1998) and married in February (1999). Why did we chose February 13th? #1 It was mardi gras and that was our theme. #2 That was the day my half brother died when he was 18 (he’d be a year younger than JT now) and I didn’t want to associate the date with his death anymore.

Anyway here are some pictures of our wedding day. Hope you enjoy… there is music so you might want to turn your speakers down if at work or someplace quiet :-).  

Click to play 9th with music
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We definitely had a blast and while looking through the pictures today not only was it fun but it was also sad. In the pictures are people who are no longer with us but I know we will see them again someday. But, there are also people that we just don’t talk to anymore because people grow apart and I hope that they are all doing well.

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