Now Announcing…


How many times do you think they are going to announce that the writer’s strike is coming to an end “this week”. I am getting so sick of nothing to watch. I understand the evening should be family time and JT and I should be sharing our feelings and talking about our days… puke! I have family time the rest of the day but at night I look forward to sitting down and enjoying the shows that DVR is going to record. On Wednesdays our DVR is typically so busy that we have every single one going at the same time. But I fear that my DVR may go on strike from lack of use.

The only good things still on: Jon & Kate Plus 8, American Idol and Project Runway (do you see the common denominator, reality tv)! I know there are others that I am still watching but I can’t think of any right of the top of my head during this rant.

There is also one ray of light that has just entered my world again, that would be Big Brother 9. Oh how I love me some Big Brother. The fights, the tantrums, the everything. I can’t wait to delve into the season. The only thing I could do without, Julie Chen, but really I’ll take her if it means I get to watch some tv. I will do a post on Big Brother after I watch it, I have it taped for now.

So hurry up and just sign the papers already. Give the writers what they deserve. There wouldn’t be any tv without them.

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