I “heart” these scrapbooking projects

I want to do this project from Ali Edwards so bad, it’s all I can creatively think about. I can’t wait to try it. Maybe for L’s room or maybe even just for me, for my future scrapbook room.

I also love this project. I would put a different spin on them of course and wouldn’t do the whole holiday thing but wouldn’t this also be cool up on a wall. Ali Edwards is a great inspiration. You should check out her blog over there on my blog roll.

I love this card and can’t wait to duplicate it. Isn’t it pretty. Now I wish I hadn’t already purchased the Hallmark ones for this week.

Oh man I want to sit down and do a layout like this right this instant. Too bad my area is a mess. I will just save it for another evening.

If I could find the right outlet for a project similar to this, I think it could be a lot of fun to put together. Maybe just pictures of my loved ones.

Also check out Vicki Boutin’s blog. She is really a great desiner/scrapbooker. I also have a link over on my blog roll.


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