Superbowl Commercials or check out youtube

This is a good website for all of the superbowl ads by quarter. My favorites are:

  1. The abosult best was the Stewie/Underdog/Charlie Brown Coke ad (this was my favorite) 
  2. What is Love – Diet Pepsi (some nice pop culture for you)
  3. Breathe Fire – Bud Light (I thought this was funny)
  4. Hank the Hero (Rocky) – Budweiser (of course this was awesome)
  5. The Stain – Tide (I didn’t see it at first and thought what is going on, pretty good)
  6. Baby – ETrade (was pretty good, especially when he spit-up)

Honorable Mentions: The Justin Timberlake one was okay… I liked seeing him but not so much the commercial. Wouldn’t it be nice though, I would drink anything through a straw if it brought me what I wanted (okay almost anything) and the Wall-E/Disney/Pixar one was cute (if you have kids). They like to watch it over and over.

 The worst by far were:

  1. Thriller – Life Water (I didn’t get it)
  2. Mouse Trap – Doritos (just stupid, he’s like beating the guy senseless)
  3. Thirsty Dog – Gatorade (so gross listening to that dog drink, reminded me of the mess in my kitchen, don’t get me wrong the dog is cute but the sounds are gross)

What did you all think? Let me know what your favorite was… I could possibly be forgetting one but these are the ones that stood out to me from the rest.


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