They were right

OMG can you believe that the weatherman was actually correct. We got 8 inches here in STL, the most I have ever seen because we didn’t live here when the great storm of 82′ reared it’s ugly head and dropped 12 to 14″. Here are some pictures of us playing in the snow yesterday.

img_9101.jpg     img_9102.jpg

img_9105-2.jpg     img_9110.jpg

Even Uncle Na got in on the act. This was L’s and JT’s attempt at a snowman yesterday, it wasn’t the greatest snow for a snowman so we just made a great big pile of snow. She seemed to be okay with that, but we lost the small broom in the snow… she buried it somewhere. We don’t know where. We’ll find it around spring sometime. When the ground thaws :-).


One thought on “They were right

  1. A mere 8 inches? Looks like Michigan in about June 🙂

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