Wordless Wednesday – Sleeping Beauty

My little Sleeping Beauty. She’s taken to not napping lately… can you tell?


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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Sleeping Beauty

  1. Delphine says:

    aww she’s sweet! I love when my kids actually sleep!!


  2. Sreisaat says:

    Restful sleep! Growing kids like her need it 😀
    Btw, did you know that ‘hoto’ is a popular noodle soup in Japan?

  3. Anna says:

    She look so cute and restful….Thanks for sharing…Happy WW…
    Mine is up too:
    My Digital Snapshot
    Let’s Laugh Together

  4. napaboaniya says:

    *tip toes in* sssssshhhhhh…. do not wake the sleeping beauty up 🙂

  5. how precious–you are blessed!

  6. hotomom says:

    My husband is 1/2 Japanese and I actually had no idea that hoto was a noodle soup. How funny. It’s actually the first two initials of my name and last name. Thanks though, that’s cool. I’ll have to tell my mother in law what my blog is called. But, then she might read it – yikes!

  7. Utah Mommy says:

    Whatta peaceful photo. I love to see kids photos especially when they are asleep like this little girl. Happy WW and thanks for sharing this lovely photo.

  8. marcia v says:

    It is that stage when you find them sleeping anywhere:>Sweet

  9. Jenn says:

    Such a sweet age.

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