Works for Me Wednesday – My Pillow

Many of you who actually read my blog know I have been absent for a couple of days because of a nasty cold spreading like wildfire through my house and my ultra sore neck. So in the hopes of conquering the sore neck thing (because a cold will go eventually) I purchased one of those Serta Supreme Memory Foam Contour Pillow from Target for only $33.99. It’s pretty awesome. I love it. I am sleeping soundly for once (technically it could be the Nyquil) but I am waking up every morning with a better neck. So I guess it works for me.


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One thought on “Works for Me Wednesday – My Pillow

  1. Heidi says:

    I have a water pillow for my bad neck pain – doesn’t always work. I have been dying to buy one of these too! So thanks for your review. It helps knowing someone else has success. I always wonder.

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