Organizing my Scrapbook “Stuff”

Is always a huge dilema. So Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and Better Today have asked for home organizing tips or decorating tips, and I thought maybe in the spirit of winning a gc or other fun stuff I would share some tips.

I am always scouring the internet and magazine articles in hopes of finding that one thing that will change my life but for now I am making it in my super small space. Here are some of my favorite tips:

#1 I have so many embellishment they take over after a while so I bought an inexpensive tupperware set and used my label maker to store all of my embellishments (okay not all of them but some of them), and then I store them in a drawer.


#2 I am a paper crazy person. I can never figure out how to store it, so I have several paper bins on these shelves that are color seperated. Then I store my ribbon in different containers next to them to save room. One box has all the ribbon scraps in baby food jars, another shelf has a container that stores ribbon on cards only, etc.


#3 This is my favorite. My scrapbook magazine collection is out of control so I file them by date and company in my bottom drawer. I love it. I can just go over and pull the one I need. Easy.


#4 My other scrapbooking stuff can be found in my colored drawer roll-a-round. Then I got out my trusty label maker and labeled all of the drawers so I can go directly to the one I need.


#5 and final… I have a special three drawer container under my desk that I use for rub-ons (my favorite) and the special embellishments that I just bought and don’t want to lose track of. The bottom drawer changes, but right now it’s Holiday stuff since those are the pages I am working on.


Hope you enjoyed my tips. Good luck in organizing your spaces and check out Crazy Hip Blog Mamas it’s a great read.


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