I usually have a lot to say

But not today. We had a very nice playdate today at our cousin’s house, it’s so good to have adult conversation while your children are content and playing. All of the kids are the same age so they play really well together and Mommy Cousin and I can talk for hours.

But now I feel sick (sorry Mommy Cousin, hope none of you get sick). My nose is all runny one minute and stuffed up the next. My neck is KILLING me because of the way I slept last night (this is pretty usual for me, I wake up almost every night with a twitch in my neck) this one is really bad. I can barely move, just achy all over. My throat is dry and tickly, no fever – thank god!! But, we are just passing it around here like crazy. L had it Friday and Saturday and was so tired from it on Sunday. JT has it currently, so tonight and tomorrow are my turn. Maybe it will skip J. Wouldn’t that be nice. Nothing is worse than a 2 year old that is sick and can’t communicate.

On one good note I bought this really awesome thermometer because our ear one is REALLY bad, I never know if it’s accurate or not. So I had JT purchase this one at the store on Saturday. So far, so good + it’s really quick, the other really cool part is it lights up green for obviously okay, yellow for a low grade and red for high fever. It’s perfect for us for the middle of the night when neither of us tend to have our glasses on and I can keep it in the dresser drawer next to the bed for easy access.

Here’s the info: (I should save it for Works for Me Wednesday but oh well, here it is) Oh if you live in St. Louis there was a coupon in the paper for one this weekend. Check it out.

vicks-thermometer.gif V965F/V966F Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer with Fever InSight Feature

  • Faster readings; in fast as eight seconds
  • ComfortFlex tip makes temperature taking more comfortable.
  • Professional accuracy
  • Fever InSight large backlit display changes color to indicate temperature level.
  • Oral, rectal, or underarm use
  • Memory feature recalls and displays last temperature taken.
  • Waterproof for easy, more thorough cleaning
  • Automatic shutoff to help extend battery life
  • Probe covers and storage case included
  • Lifetime warranty under normal use and battery replacement

Have a good night and STAY HEALTHY!!

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