Cool Things I Found or Want

Cool and Interesting Websites:

Choose your Candidate – thanks to Big Mama’s blog for this awesome find, the person I was going to vote for was not my first pick, interesting. I will not be interjecting my political view into my blog. No one cares that is close to me and why start a political debate in my life, not what I need right now, so my results will remain close to me. But have fun, it’s very interesting.

Things I want: 

Here is a bag that I want to buy and have it be my best friend and carry all of my important items and go to DisneyWorld with me and bring peace and happiness to my life… too much to ask of a simple bag… you may be right, how about we go with “it’s pretty”.

OMG with a stroller like this I could take on the world and my kids would theoretically behave. Plus look at that Walmart price, you can’t beat it anywhere.

I don’t know why I want some of these so badly, but oh I do. They always look fabulous on people when I see them.

A new product my hubby’s company is providing to the public. We want to sign up… right now. But, we can’t we are tied into Dish Network and it will cost $130 if we terminate our contract. We will soon enough.

I LOVE this coat. I have always wanted a coat like this, something lightweight and easy to pull on. Something the kids can’t destroy. A good spring/fall coat.

I guess that’s enough dreaming for now.

Just so you know this doesn’t fall underneath either of my title categories but it is interesting just the same. Today I watched Yo Gabba Gabba for the first time. What a freaky weird show that is. My kids were entranced and yet I was appaled… how funny that Biz Markie has a beat of the day. That was the only part that made me laugh out loud. Check it out on YouTube: (I found it first on the Kellogues blog, but wanted to share it with all of you)

Or check out this one of this poor kid named Nathaniel dancing on Yo Gabba Gabba… how funny.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Things I Found or Want

  1. kellimcgill says:

    Haha! I’m glad that my daughter isn’t the only one that LOVES this show. I have to turn off the TV before she sees it on!!

    Thanks for linking to my blog 🙂

  2. erika says:

    We friggen love Yo Gabba Gabba around here. That is all.

  3. hotomom says:

    Such a freak show literally. But if it quiets the children… more the better.

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