Works for Me Wednesday

My first ever contribution to Rocks in my Dryer’s Works for me Wednesday.

Here goes… Do you ever go out to eat at a restaurant with your kids and they want to drink something besides what you brought? Ours do all the time. For instance we will go out to eat to a restaurant (or even McDonalds) and they order a sprite or apple juice and it comes in one of those kiddie cups with a lid and straw. The trouble starts when my 2 year old J starts to take a drink and tips it a little and the whole thing pours out of the straw hole and down the front of his shirt (good times), this happens everytime. It even happens to our 3.5 year old. Now what I do… carry a small scissors in my diaper bag (preferably the kind with a protective cover) and cut the straw down to an acceptable size. Kid size if you will. Now the problem is solved. No more spilling. If you forget the scissors, sometimes the knife on the table will work. It works for me.


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